Control system for auto loading-unloading  bakery furnace

Control system for auto loading-unloading bakery furnace

The control system is based entirely on OMRON components.

The logical unit is the PLC: NX102 communicating via the EtherNet network with the operator panel: NB10W visualizing the current operating parameters.

Remote monitoring, diagnostics and updating of machine programs is done via the Internet using a VPN tunnel.

The NX-SL3300 controller watches over the safety of the system. The EtherCat communication protocol provides stable communication with actuators and furnace modules responsible for beaking.

- 3G3 MX2 inverter ... - feeding table tape

- 3G3 MX2 inverter ... - platform tape

-2x Inverters series A1000 ... - platform movement between shelves up-down

- 3G3 MX2 inverter ... - platform movement between furnaces left-right

- 3G3 MX2 inverter ... - front-rear platform arm movement

- 3G3 MX2 inverter ... - product receiving tape


- automatic loading and unloading of furnace shelves

- baking service on 2 furnaces

-communication with 2 oil cauldrons (modbus RTU)

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